A Mother’s Love

         I’m a sucker for deep emotions and feeling with all my heart. As we drove to get some dinner, we stopped by my mom’s house, the house she grew up in, and I decided Miranda Lambert’s song, “The House That Built Me” was extremely relevant in such a moment. Driving around the neighborhood, taking in the scenery and seeing such emotion portrayed in my mother’s face lead me to an extreme state of humbleness. At that moment, I saw what life can do to one and how the foundations of an individual’s life begin in the home a person grows up in, surrounded by the people who shape a person into who they are meant to be. These moments leads to the memories that will forever be cherished in one’s heart. My mom mentions the snowball fights, in which she learned to stand up for herself, or the distance she walked by foot to get to her school for after hour activities which emphasize her determined nature. My mother is a fighter.                                            

         She has been through so many moments in her life that lead her to a heightened sense of self. She has grown to illuminate the traits that were necessary for her to experience all that God has to offer. There are so many memories that stay prevalent in one’s heart as we are taken through life’s journey and taught how to view the world. I have been blessed to have so many characteristics instilled within me as I’ve grown up with such an influential mother who sticks to her roots, emphasizing all that she learned in her home as she grew up. My mom has a gentle heart, like my grandmother and a determination that sets her soul on fire, like my Papou. As a whole, she accentuates a sense of love and security; she is a genuine reflection of God’s light and emphasizes the good as she laughs away her worries but still takes the time to give credit for all the moments that helped lead her to where she is now. I’m proud of her; I’m thankful for the foundation she gave me as when growing up in the house that built me, as I went through several situations in which she willingly guided me through, always talking about God’s plans and lessons for my life when things turned out differently as expected. I love the path that God has set me on, and I am grateful to live in the house that has built me with a mother who has been a prominent example of God’s angel and illuminated love, beauty and happiness in all she encounters.


Bold power and glorious majesty are wrapped around her as she laughs with joy over the latter days. Her teachings are filled with wisdom and kindness, as loving instruction pours from her lips. She watches over the ways of her household and meets every need they have….Charm can be misleading, and beauty is vain and so quickly fades, but the virtuous woman lives in wonder, awe, and fear of the Lord. She will be praised throughout eternity. So go ahead and give her the credit that is due, for she has become a radiant woman, and all her living works of righteousness deserve to be admired at the gateways of every city! – Proverbs 31:25-31


© Kiki Mueller




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  1. Ipuna Black Avatar

    This is beautiful. Your mom is special. What a wonderful moment for the two of you.

    1. growingthroughsomething Avatar

      Thank you so much! I agree that my mom is super special <3 and really appreciate your acknowledgement!

  2. nageshkvadhera Avatar

    As always, thank you for reading, and comment if you see fit.

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