Month: November 2017

  • Happy Thanksgiving: a Moment of Truth

    Happy Thanksgiving: a Moment of Truth

    BLESSINGS ©  The sound of rain soothes my soul as it patters against the gutters. The warmth upon my throat as I sip some lovely coffee calms me in the midst of my thoughts. The taste of pumpkin bread confirms the promise of  rainy fall days, consisting of oversized sweatshirts, soft music, school work, and […]

  • Happy Sunday!

    Happy Sunday!

    © I am feeling so blessed and loved this year! However, I have been super busy and overwhelmed with so many different elements of life being thrown my way. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” is a great reminder if anyone is also feeling burdened at this time! I know I […]

  • “The Difference Between A Flower and a Weed is Judgement”

    “The Difference Between A Flower and a Weed is Judgement”

    © Late night arrives, and I realize it is probably a good idea to head to bed. However, I am conflicted as I aspire to get school work completed. I compromise by telling myself reading for school, and a cup of chamomile tea will be a happy medium; following through with this plan allows me […]

  • Blessed


    © My life has been quite hectic lately but one thing that has been solidified in my mind and my heart is the importance of gratitude. Throughout the month of October, I stayed busy and focused on school, maintaining friendships, and taking a moment to think of the happy thoughts resulting from beautiful moments in […]