© My life has been quite hectic lately but one thing that has been solidified in my mind and my heart is the importance of gratitude. Throughout the month of October, I stayed busy and focused on school, maintaining friendships, and taking a moment to think of the happy thoughts resulting from beautiful moments in my life; “every day may not be perfect but there is something perfect in every day.” I meditated upon this statement as I realized the truth behind this phrase. Such a simple thought amounted to so much excitement in my heart. Inspired by the lovely Grace, My Blessing by Grace, I wrote one positive moment in my life every day for the month of October. I chose to share my favorite ten days of the month with you guys! I hope to make this a monthly post! Here are a few that stood out to me!



Oct 1 – Today had a lovely start; I went to the park with my dog, walked around with her, and then headed to a local farm. I got a blueberry pie and a tiny pumpkin to honor the beginning of Spooktober!

Oct 2 – Today, I took a beach trip. I woke up at 5:15 and didn’t go to bed until 2:15am- 21 hours straight! It was a long day full of sunshine and waves of gratitude in all shapes and forms.

Oct 3 – Today, I woke up earlier than expected due to excitement for the upcoming Oh Wonder concert. I spent the morning in the car listening to music and cherishing the beautiful weather. Then I went to the concert and was a typical fangirl, enjoying every moment of this experience! 

Oct 5 – Today, I woke up and spent time savoring the first cup of coffee while I ate half of my favorite Fall food…a pumpkin donut! Something so beautiful about a cup of coffee and morning thoughts.  

Oct 6 – Today consisted of school work and a beautiful car ride where I was really able to notice the changing leaves. I also attended an AA meeting for a class. While it brought a lot of sorrow, I was able to reflect on a multitude of things that were discussed and apply it to my personal life. It is crazy how God places you in certain environments in order to relay his message.

Oct 10- Today I got to go to the pumpkin patch. It was great sharing laughs, and blaring country music, as we added to a list of inside jokes.

 Oct 11- Today was so fun as I just took time to chill and get school done. I received a lovely message from my pen pal and got to see the power of prayer as a result of our conversations and the impact our friendship has had on each other.   

Oct 18- Today was a whirlwind of last minute changes. However, I enjoyed spending quality time with my mom as we enjoyed the most amazing self-crafted burger consisting of jalapeno’s, horseradish, onions, and all the works!

Oct 19-  Today, I got to go to this trampoline place and jump, jump away! Despite, being dodged by kids and miserably failing at defending myself, I enjoyed letting loose and having a great time! Plus, post-chipotle is always fun!

Oct 21- This was such a FUN day; I got a test done early in the morning and then spent the day with a friend who was home from college. We went to the city and did a photo shoot! Plus- I got latte art and a lovely meal!

Oct 26- Today, I got to go to the pumpkin patch again! This time it was a different farm. My mom and I got to take a lot of pictures, play with the animals, take a hayride, and enjoy the cool weather!

Oct 29- An ounce ton of joy entered my life in the form of a puppy and I was happy to see her little face and she wobbled across the floor.

PS: I will be making a separate post, soon, in regards to my new posting schedule. I miss connecting with you guys!

QUESTION: What is one thing you do to find peace and happiness in the midst of your day?

Blessings! Xoxo


©  Kiki Mueller 2017


6 responses to “Blessed”

  1. My Blessing By Grace Avatar

    I love that quote ‘Every day may not be perfect but there is something perfect in every day’! I’m so glad that my blog has inspired you to write this post and I look forward to seeing your next one in this series. I hope you’ve been well lately and have another awesome month. Many Blessings, Grace.

  2. growingthroughsomething Avatar

    Thank you so much! You definitely are an inspiration! I hope you have a lovely month, as well! I appreciate the encouragement! It means a lot! Blessings! Xoxo

  3. Matthew Winters (The Comeback Pastor) Avatar

    Such an awesome perspective! We should all consider this because it would be a real “game changer” as to how we live life.

    1. growingthroughsomething Avatar

      Thank you so much! Blessings!

  4. T. R. Noble Avatar

    Yes, Grace’s post has inspired a multitude of bloggers, and I love seeing how everyone is affected and applies it to their lives 🙂

    These memories sound so beautiful and lovely.

    1. growingthroughsomething Avatar

      Thank you! 💜

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