November Blessing

          This month was super busy! I slacked with recording blessing in the beginning but, once acknowledging the importance of focusing on gratitude, I picked up the slack through mid to the end of November! Recording my blessings really helps me see the positive moments in my life. This means even in the midst of school stress and life’s daily, sometimes overwhelming, schedule! A friendly reminder as I was preparing this blog provided me comfort and reassurance: 

Happy are those who remain faithful under trials because when they succeed in passing such a test, they will receive as their reward the life which God has promised to those who love him. –  James 1:12  

This being said, I am choosing to publicize my top five moments of gratitude 🙂

November 17th – I was able to enjoy the nighttime after an extremely hectic day. I indulged, got an almond milk mocha and a pineapple pizza and listened to some holiday tunes in order to de-stress.

November 18th – I was able to cuddle up with my puppy as she slept in my arms, listen to some soft music, and get some school work done.

November 20th- I had the opportunity to catch up on school work, finalized research topics. I was worried about completing an interview but, today, I was able to talk to someone who was perfect for my topic! 

November 23- I spent Thanksgiving with the most beautiful people and was able to indulge in the yummiest food as I ruminated upon all that I am thankful for!

November 25- I went to eat with a friend, discussed life over Greek food and donuts and then took an impromptu Walmart stop for hair dye. To top it off, we stopped on the side of the road and took lots of pretty sunset pics admiring God’s beautiful creation.

What was a happy moment from your November?

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  1. Yeah, I completely agree with you, we do have a lot in common. 🙂 I forgot to ask you, what kind of puppy do you have? I can’t remember if you wrote it down.

    Do you still want me to send you an email 🙂 I know you talked about us just ranting to each other, and I am a ranter!

      1. You are blessed with the prowess of living the life to the fullest…I feel a deep connection with you…You write how I feel, even if I can’t
        express it to you….
        Loads of love

  2. What a beautiful list of moments! I think there is nothing better than time with those we most enjoy and care about! I’ve had some especially happy moments like that during December! Love your blog! Merry Christmas!

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