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2017 Thoughts


©  I wrote this excerpt on December 19, 2017, as I reminisced about this year by looking at pictures and journal entries 🙂
Today was another calm day. It is funny though because I watched my crazy puppy while balancing my day with my older dog, reading a book under a shared blanket as she took a nap. It’s the little things. I have allowed myself to stay calm despite the craziness. I have made time to turn sorrow into joy, I have enjoyed a good book, getting lost in the world of fantasies and unparalleled experiences. I have learned the precious element of peace. As the bible states, “Be still and know” Throughout 2017, I struggled with this concept all to entirely, thinking that havoc would equate to a sense of calmness. Using this mentality of switching between the acknowledgment of stillness and a strong desire to push past my limits, I have seen so much growth, growth that I never imagined possible. There is this sense of a ghost of my past self as I shed the past hang-ups and regain certain levels of achievement. I managed to take four classes over the spring semester, two 8-week summer classes, and three fall classes, one class being honors both spring and fall. I managed to experience some of the most amazing memories as I cultivated friendships.  Not to mention helping care for a puppy, starting at ten weeks of age, who filled our home with joy and a new sense of appreciation for vitality and freedom. She is now four months, and life has taken quite a stir. For this upcoming year, grab a cup of coffee and engage in my lessons as I stir up some cream to lighten the mood!

©  Kiki Mueller 2017

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