January Blessings

©  January was a month of intensity. There was happiness, there was stress, and there was a lot of mixed emotions. I am glad that it was a month full of accomplishment and I hope to continue down that path as 2018 progresses. While I enjoyed January, I am hopeful that February will be kinder to me in terms of making time for rest and reflection. Even in the midst of my busiest days, having this page dedicated to gratitude helped me see the beauty I have been blessed with.

SAT JAN 6 –  I was able to go to the mall with my mom, meet up with a pen pal from Connecticut, who was in town, and saw an old friend unexpectedly! A lovely day! The best of the year…so far! 😉

TUES JAN 9: I spent the day with a good friend and I was able to divulge in the city life; visiting the Renwick gallery, a coffee shop, and a burger joint.

WED JAN 10: I enjoyed the prospect of giving myself time to just vegetate in the midst of midterm exam blues.

THURS JAN 11: I took a nice, hot shower and sang aloud to 70’s music

FRI JAN 12: Thankful for a mom that helps me when I am busy. A clean bed is always a blissful feeling.

SAT JAN 13- I saw my cousins and went on a midnight run for fries!

SUN JAN 14-  Today I spent more time with Jesus, worked on finishing my blog, watched Joel, and looked through some other posts!

THURS JAN 18- Today, I spent time with an adorable puppy, like usual and shared laughs with my mother!

FRI JAN 19 – Bath time, peace, and quality time with my dog, Gracie. I looked through some blogs tonight and they spoke to me. I accomplished so much and yet still made time for self-love.

Sat  JAN 20- Pizza, friendship, and my doggie fill my Saturday with joy.

SUN JAN 21- I spent the morning, slowly, with my doggie by my side…which naturally means kisses and cuddles 😉

MON JAN 22 – Today was amazing! I went to a museum with a friend, enjoyed a veggie burger and finished the day at a coffee shop.

TUES JAN 23- Today was yet another amazing day! I went to a coffee shop and explored the city while capturing some special moments!

THURS JAN 25- Today was lovely, for the most part, I spent time with Lotus and was able to feel myself breathe as I realized this month has been full of accomplishments!

FRI JAN 26- Today I allowed myself to relax; I spent time in bed with Gracie. I enjoyed the peace and the ability to look through old photos with my mom.

SAT JAN 27- I spent today at the mall enjoying shopping and quality time with my mother. I even bought a new record!

SUN JAN 28- Today truly allowed me to find peace in a lot of ways. It was full of a lot of Jesus time, mainly blogging, and allowing myself to feel through my writing

MON JAN 29 – I went to the grocery store, picked up ingredients to make a salad and also bought some avocados! PS: I did Meatless Monday again and I hope to bring myself back to continuing that habit!


©  Kiki Mueller 2017

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  1. MIDNIGHT FRIES! Girl, I’d do that run with you!!! 🙂

    Continued prayer and thoughts for you to find assurance, comfort, and guidance not only in life, but of course for your blogging journey. I’m happy for you and I’m proud of you!

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