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February​ Blessings


Good news! February was much better to me than January was. While it was, primarily, school-based, I took the time to immerse myself in the little joys every day. Because January was so anxiety-provoking, I really needed time to regather and I think I did a good job of achieving the balance I needed in order to thrive. Here’s to a month of self-reflection in the midst of school. I am hopeful that March will fill my expectations and follow in February’s footsteps: improvement!

FEB 4 – Today was one of the most amazing days I have had in awhile. I was able to dedicate the day to self-love and finished 17 pages of school reading/notes!

FEB 7  – Today I was able to spend time with my puppy, Lo, and watch a bundle of love and energy right before my very eyes.

FEB 8  – Today I was able to wake up to my dog, Gracie slowly creeping her way to my room. I helped her up on the bed and spent time cuddling with her.

FEB 9 – I enjoyed spending time going on a ride and taking in the beautiful scenery; as I waited in the front, I was able to see the reddish orange sunset peeking through the trees.

FEB 10 – I absolutely loved the drive I went on with the rain falling and the acoustic music playing.

FEB 12 – Yet again, my lovely Gracie girl (my doggie) laid with me as I woke up.

FEB 13 – I got to spend my day at a coffee shop getting work done and listened to John Mayer on the way home.

FEB 15  – I opened the gift my mother got me and was welcomed with bubble bath essentials, a mug, and chocolate. She knows my heart!

FEB 17  – Today I took a bath and it was glorious, lavender, of course and I was able to read 15 pages of my online book for my class!

FEB 18  – Today I completed four volunteer hours spending a lovely day with a bunch of children who were immersed in the culture of the Lunar New Year.

FEB 19  – I watched a documentary for school while indulging in all of my fave things like coffee and mac n cheese!

FEB 20  – I spent the day soaking up the sunshine. That being said, I was able to sit outside and do my reading for school as I watched over the puppy. Who knew I could actually multitask? 😉

FEB 21 – Today was amazing. I went to Sugarloaf and was able to try and live in the moment as I looked at all the beautiful views.

FEB 27 – Today was beautiful. I celebrated life with free pancakes, coffee, and accomplishment. I really resonated with the following statement: “Do something each day that brings you one step closer to your goal.”

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