July Blessings!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted my blessings! I have been keeping up with them but I chose to never post them (whoops!). Now that things are going to be settling down in a few weeks; one class left for a short while, I am ready to begin again!

July was interesting. A lot of positive moments leading to much-needed realizations that I am ready to take some time rediscovering myself and immersing myself in hobbies that will help me rediscover a newfound purpose.  The following moments really spoke to my soul in this way;

July 3 – I went and saw the fireworks which were amazing; I literally got caught in the moment.

July 7- Today was beautiful! I made a nice vegetarian dinner after laying in the sun for about an hour! It was the perfect mesh of balance.

July 8- I soaked up the sun and I had a nice, calming drive through country roads.

July 11- I enjoyed being surrounded by sunflowers and gained inspiration in order to write a blog!

July 12- Today, I was much calmer after yesterday’s realizations. I went and bought a hazelnut latte and allowed myself moments of peace to immerse in the moment.

July 18- Today was really great. Being able to fully become present while on a car ride with a beautiful sunset really brightens my spirits.

July 19- Today was great because I got to see amazing fireworks!

July 20- I was able to clean my room and go to the fair with my cousins! SCORE!

July 24- I was able to spend time with a friend and reconnect

July 25- My mom surprised me with my favorite movie; Me Before You!!!

July 29- I saw Kesha and Macklemore in concert and it was AMAZING!

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    1. Thank you so much! I am hopeful that August will be calmer! Focusing on the happy moments makes it easier for me to cope with life. haha! Thank you for your positivity! I appreciate it so much! Xoxo

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