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September Blessings


      Each day, I am learning more and more about myself and my body. I am realizing that my anxiety can be productive. I am, slowly but surely, accepting moments of rest as necessary, and I am finding happiness in all of God’s promises. I am spending time adjusting to new schedules and learning to embrace change for all that it is. September has been a month in which the seeds began to sprout. The lessons began to be fully understood and implemented. While I know there are moments of regression, the decision to continue blooming will help me prevail!

Per usual, I posted my monthly blessings! I encourage you to do so, as well! What is one thing you were grateful for this month?

September 2: I woke up and drank some coffee while listening to country music!

September 3: I saw some people on the beach and took photos for them. It was such a beautiful way to be reminded of my ability to make a stranger smile.

September 4: I woke up at the beach. I walked amongst the waves.

September 5: Today was nice because we ventured to the outlets and I was able to see a part of the town that I have never seen before. I then got Panera Bread 🙂

September 6: I embraced the sunshine and sat by the waves. I saw people dancing and laughed a lot. I saw a group of individuals laughing and making comments as they got pushed and pulled by the waves!

September 8: I was able to get my completion scholarship process clarified and enjoy a walk on the windy beach!

September 9: I enjoyed an amazing breakfast spending quality time with my mother.

September 15: I did some meal prep and made homemade fudge that actually turned out pretty yummy!

September 18: Today I enjoyed a beautiful ride accompanied by a sunset, good music, and mama.

September 23: We went to the boardwalk and celebrated Sunfest w/ music and a cute new crystal hanging!

September 24: We drove home from the beach and I came home to letters from my friend at basic training.

September 28: I took a beautiful morning drive and found bliss in the nice weather!

September 30: I bought the cutest little pumpkin!

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