“Let GO and let GOD”

“Let GO and let GOD”

©This topic has been on my mind for a while and, while I haven’t fully grasped this concept, I am seeing this change of heart take precedence as life events are being altered.

   I began this semester with heaviness in my heart and an unwelcoming burden upon me. I spent the last two years of college allowing myself to become engulfed in school in which education became my identity. I could not allow myself to rest or I was worried I would end up behind. While I acknowledge that part of this stemmed from a perpetuating cycle of life’s troubles hitting me upon the head, it still resulted in me being consumed with anxiety. With this, I began to LET GO. I was tired of holding on to this facade that I could somehow control my life by preparing each and every step. I had planned on starting back up with one class because my scholarship needed time to be processed. This class was a dread. I avoided it at all costs and I spent the time that I did work on the material dreading it. The teacher had given me an 80% on an assignment that I made one mistake on. I was upset because I thought the grade was rather harsh. I looked over her critique and pouted about it for a short bit and then I decided I was going to LET IT GO. I kept thinking about reaching out but I felt drained. I felt like it was a waste of time. A week or two passed and I had asked a question about the follow-up assignment in order to gain clarity. It crossed my mind that I may not have done as good as I thought. She wrote back, explaining the answer to my question and I proceeded to apply this knowledge to my project. A day or two later, I received another email from her stating that she had changed my grade. She had felt that I deserved 90% instead. Seeing this shocked me. I have had a fair share of teachers and, not once, has one of my professors reached out to change a grade. This moment sparked something within my spirit. A tiny little piece of my mind had a reality check.

One: I knew God was telling me to keep progressing with school.

Two: I had a feeling part of why she made the grade change was because I had “Let GO and Let GOD.”

In doing so, his presence overpowered anything that I could have OR could not have done. I realized that part of my problem was my overarching assumption that I could somehow control my future. This event showed me that God was taking control because, for once, without me even realizing it, I let Him.

I have been working on applying this to everyday events. I have been noticing His presence more each day. With this knowledge, comes peace. With this acceptance, comes a new level of freedom. I am still getting used to this mentality and I would be lying if I said it was easy for me BUT I am so very grateful that He revealed His presence and spoke to me in such a way.

I encourage you to “Let GO and Let GOD.” Start with something simple. See where it takes you. <3

“Those who leave everything in GOD’s HANDS will eventually see GOD’s HAND in everything” 

I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Have you ever had any similar experiences?


© Mueller 2018

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  1. Wow…I got nostalgic . There was a time when I used to do the same thing.Trying to control everything .But as they say”If you try to control everything,you may end up with nothing”

  2. Great honest thoughts in this post. There is indeed peace in giving God the control. He knows what’s best for us after all. I’m actually very glad that I don’t have to figure it out on my own. ☺ But until we humans really get it we do struggle, and then of course old habits can rear their ugly heads again. Good thing God continues to speak and remind us. Those reminders are precious. Keep processing. Your thoughts will be comforting reminders to those who read them. <3

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