Goodbye 2018. Hello,​ 2019.

There is something so bittersweet about the end of a year. The ending of a cycle. The ending of memories made. But also the ending of sorrow; the ending of heartache.

How often do we hear, “what happens in 2018, stays in 2018?”

Whether it be a mindset or an attachment, people want to forget the past. People want to forget what happened but, hopefully, carry with them the lessons they learned. There is a  symbolism that signifies the new year as a time for new beginnings.

The ability to reflect is heightened as one looks back at all the moments that make up 2018. There is a paradoxical nature of such a short yet extended time frame.  On one hand, there is tears, loss, and disappointment. On the other hand, there is laughter, gained friendships and gained insight. There was confusion than clarity, mistake then lesson, a goal then an accomplishment. Looking back allows for growth.

The stillness that December brought welcomed reflection. The holidays allowed for a communal sense of togetherness. Using this mentality, I hope to elevate my state of being. I hope to bring myself closer to God while making decisions that honor Him and, therefore, honor the path of my soul. Here’s to new beginnings using the love, loss, and laughter as lessons to continue my journey of becoming my best self. I am excited to see where 2019 takes me! ❤️

As it has been said, “the sun will rise and we will try again tomorrow” ☀️

Here’s to a year of continuous growth and reflection while becoming a better me.

“Being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.” ~ Philippians 1:6

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