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Whisper Words of Wisdom: Let It Be(an)


At first, I became nervous and overwhelmed that I did not meet my blogging goals, yet again, this past month. But then it dawned on me; isn’t this what my intention was for the new year. To take thing slow. To avoid getting ahead of myself and, therefore, stay true to God’s timing instead of attempting to take things in my own hands.

So far this month, I have been incorporating this mindset of balance more than I ever have before. I am noticing the change. I begin to fight this slower pace that I am slowly becoming accustomed to. But then it dawned on me. 

Leave everything in God’s hands and eventually, you’ll see God’s hand in everything.

I am okay with a slower pace because God’s timing is more important than mine. Society has a way of making one feel pressured to accomplish things. What good is it if we are rushing through each moment. There is comfort in peaceful moments yet I find it thrilling to constantly accomplish things.

It’s as if my worth is in the quantity of a to-do list as opposed to the quality of my relationship with God.

This process of self-discovery has brought out parts of me that I choose to ignore. I do not want to ignore this anymore. I want to seize every opportunity to adapt because life is constantly changing and, although I might fight this change, life gives me no other opportunity than to embrace it. So kudos to self-love. Kudos to finding my worth in Christ and not an accomplishment. I hope this encourages you to slow down today. I hope you find the time to engage in the rest that your soul craves. 

As the Beatles once said, “Whisper Words of Wisdom, Let It Be(an)”


~ Kiki

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