Fall 2019 Intentions!

Hello everyone! Long-time, no see! I’m back and, hopefully, better! 😉 I set some goals, some of which have been completed, some of which are set in motion, and some yet to be completed. As of October 1st, I began a newfound journey based on the lessons I have learned this year.

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do. And He will establish your plans” ~ Proverbs 16:3

Fall Intentions

I want these few months to be about internal growth to really examine myself from the inside out and to become one with my thoughts and feelings as opposed to repressing and/or avoiding them. On this note, the list will not be tangible in the same sense as it was for my Summer goals. This will not be something that can be seen but rather something that can be felt. Of course, productivity will come naturally as I am an overachiever and thrive off of achievement. However, these next few months are meant to embrace the solitude and reflect. I am made for the moments that drag me into the calmness of the surrounding changes as the leaves fall, and the warmth of the coffee hits my soul. 

  • Restart gratitude goals: I began this on the 7th. I felt compelled after reflecting on the past few months. I had so much fun, but I never took the time to sit and write down the blessing I encountered each and every day. I am finding the time to spend moments each day jotting down what I am grateful for. 


  • Finish my first set of fall classes: These classes ended on October 13th. I completed two courses on this date, and I am on week three of my third Fall class as of now. I am officially in my Senior year of college!  





  • Make a bullet journal: That being said, I mentioned the prospect of making a bullet journal back in MY SUMMER GOALS, and I never did..whoops! I started looking at ideas last night, and I am excited to pick up some materials and get started! I already made a list of my top goals! 


  • Slow down: *sigh* If you haven’t noticed, I think I am a bit type A. I tend to get lost in the concept of accomplishment that I forget to take time and embody the present moment…


  • Embody the present moment: Hmmm. That leads me to my next intention. To practice mindfulness and do things that bring me happiness, such as baking, taking a bubble bath, or spending more time with friends. 


  • Take one step at a time: Looking at the progress I made, making plans daily as opposed to looking at the end result all of the time. I feel calmer this way, and I want to work hard to keep this mentality. 


  • Document daily foods: This is a personal goal, primarily to see how I am eating, how it affects my well-being, the habits I want to break, and the changes I want to make. 


  • Continue meal prepping: On that note, meal prepping helps me tailor my needs by shopping in a way that optimizes my health. 


  • Go thru clothes and start making a pile of clothes I want to sell:  This is going to take some time. I want to be more of a minimalist in all areas of my life; I want to keep things simple. I have a lot of clothes that I don’t wear, and I think it would be beneficial to rehouse them for those who would enjoy a new addition to their clothing line 😉 

May He give you the desire of your heart and make all of your plans succeed. ~ Psalm 20:4 


  • I’ve been going to bed earlier. Between 12am-1am as opposed to 2-3am 
  • I’ve been eating healthier – meal prepping more often
  • I finished two classes 🙂 w/ 1 ½ classes left for the semester! 
  • I’ve been focusing on gratitude more, starting my list back up 
  • I’ve been taking more downtime, time away from my phone, and setting that time to progress in a distraction-free environment.



10 responses to “Fall 2019 Intentions!”

  1. Loved by the King of kings Avatar

    Welcome back! Congrats on your successes! Keep up the good work!

    1. growingthroughsomething Avatar

      Thank you so much! 🙂

  2. anxiouschristiangirl97 Avatar

    Cheering you on as you get closer to your goals!

    1. growingthroughsomething Avatar

      Thank you! Same to you! 🙂

  3. Proverbs 31 Girl Avatar

    Can relate to being a “type A” 😅 good luck with your goals!

    1. growingthroughsomething Avatar

      Thank you so much! Same to you!

  4. T. R. Noble Avatar

    Way to go on your accomplishements!!! Maybe you could write a follow up post to this if you haven’t already 😊

    1. growingthroughsomething Avatar

      Thank you! Girl, so much has happened since then! Thank you for the blogging idea! 🙂

      1. T. R. Noble Avatar


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