April Showers Bring May Flowers

A common saying is April Showers Bring May Flowers and boy did April bring some rainy days. I cried a lot more than normal this month. Shedding old memories and the death of self-sabotaging behaviors as I embraced the discomfort that accompanies the growth process. My times were filled with yoga, journaling, and maintaining and creating relationships with others. As I reflect on internalized emotions, I bring out the depths of my being. Some days this equated to anxiety while other days this correlated with basking in the sun as I go for a drive or sit outside with my dogs. I started reading again for fun and really prioritizing time for self-love because I have to come to learn that you can not pour from an empty cup. I cooked food that was good for the soul and healing for my body. I took the time to look within. This May I hope to continue applying these strategies in order to optimize my sense of self and, therefore, my ability to best serve others.


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  1. Tina Avatar

    Very nice post, Kiki. I understand the need to prioritize. Life seems to be a constant shuffling of things as the seasons change. At least it feels that way to me. I pray that May will bring you many flowers as opposed to those showers. It’s nice to have some dry eyes. May your journey become softer under foot. ☺ <3

    1. growingthroughsomething Avatar

      You are so sweet! Thank you for your kindness. I hope you are feeling better! 🙂

      1. Tina Avatar

        Today was a better day. ☺ Hopefully it’s a continuing trend.

  2. ecohorizons Avatar

    Whatever God sends us , is good whether we realize or not…

    1. growingthroughsomething Avatar

      Amen! Yes, there is something good from everything! Blessings!

  3. bereavedandbeingasingleparent Avatar

    This is wonderful. It captures the need for self love and focusing on those things that bring energy to you and energy to others. I so hope May takes you further down that road.

    1. growingthroughsomething Avatar

      Thank you so very much! I always enjoy reading your posts. I hope May brings you goodness and energy! Blessings!

      1. bereavedandbeingasingleparent Avatar

        Thank you. That’s very kind of you. Bless you as well. x

  4. Paul Anwuzia Avatar

    Great post!

    I like the way you expressed your emotions here. You practically expressed the feelings of so many people, here. I love your transparency too.

    Like you, I pray things get better and stay better…

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