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Searching for my soul

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Initially, I hesitated to post this. “What if I’m judged?” or “What if it’s too personal?” The reality is there is normality in these emotions and if I withhold my thoughts on the basis of fear, I inhibit the ability for other people to feel understood. So here it goes…

I want to feel free. I want no obligations and no guilt that comes with the constant statements about how horrible you are if you disobey God. I don’t believe this is the way to encourage non-believers to engage in a relationship with a higher being. We all have faults and we should use them as motivation to grow and not a basis for self-hatred. The commonality amongst all religions is to treat others the way you want to be treated. If you are in a constant state of judgment with yourself, you will never be free of judgment towards others. I think this is why the church is notorious for people being hateful. I don’t go to church. I would walk in and all I heard was kids making fun of others or forming cliques so I branched off and I made a blog as a basis for continuing a relationship. I will always believe in God but I struggle to identify with hatred. As I laid on my yoga mat, tears fell from my face as I yearned to understand myself and the many emotions that have arisen as a result of more free time. I want to inspire others to feel free, to treat others with love, and not to equate judgment and speaking the truth as degrading others for sinning differently than you do. I guess, my point is that no one’s perfect and everyone’s struggling with things they don’t talk about. Defer from hate. Spread love because we could all use a little encouragement. I have been using this time to ground myself and find peace in my soul to get a footing on my life and dare to discuss the concerns that hold so many back from internal peace.

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