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This past Spring semester I intended to take five classes. In the midst of life’s uncertainty, I desire to always be one step ahead of the game. When the Coronavirus began to make the news, I was finishing up my 3rd eight-week class and about to start my last two classes for the semester. I was already drained and I was feeling extremely unmotivated. As someone who uses productivity to counteract internal thoughts, I always push the go button. However, the professor I had was unprofessional. In the past, I felt gut feelings regarding situations, ignoring them which lead to adverse outcomes. I had left extra space for classes and, after some prayer and reflection, I chose to drop the class. I felt as if God has led me to sign five classes at the moment so that maybe I was forced to feel comfortable dropping a class and using this time to look within.

A lot of my identity comes from my academics. I find comfort in my continual dedication to school as it has always been my strong suit. I am seeing how I have failed to put Christ in place of my schoolwork. So, during this offtime, I have forced myself to engage in nature walks and meditation. I have spent time bringing out emotions that I have buried deep. My path may be unique and unorthodox but I am grateful for  I was constantly anxious and I didn’t want to feel that way anymore. I am excited to share my journey with you guys!



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