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Reflection Fuels Growth 


I spent time reflecting on a bonfire as music played in the background and day slowly faded into night. My heart was heavy as I reflected on many moments throughout my past. This time has truly brought out the depth within me that I sometimes try to suppress. I have enabled myself to look back on past events that I typically avoid or overlook and unbiasedly seen the good and the bad.  As graduation has been a common theme and my Bachelor’s Degree looms closer, I have been examining which specific path I want to take and how I can optimize my present moment to best serve my future self. With this, comes my passion for helping others, and, in the past, I have mistakenly felt selfish for taking time for myself, to rest, and to be still. As a whole, I have learned the importance of reflecting on your past in order to optimize your future while eliminating the perpetuation of toxic traits. Recently, I have emphasized the concept of reflection as a basis for understanding my personality traits. Another concept that has been prominent is the focus that certain perceived traits are actually coping mechanisms for previous and current trauma. As people’s personalities form by the age of nine, I use this knowledge to look further into why other traits have emerged following different trials within my life. This realization has allowed me to fully embrace all of me and connect situations with behavior. In doing so, I have cultivated a deeper appreciation for psychology which seems to grow every time I immerse myself in the field. The overarching point is that this level of introspection equates to growth. Reflection creates a basis for understanding and understanding creates a basis for acceptance. Acceptance of self projects into all areas of your life as there is a projection in which you begin to accept others. Recognizing ways of behavior that no longer serve you allows for the elimination of toxic traits. You slowly begin to create a heightened level of self-awareness and can stop yourself from repeating self-deprecating actions. The flowers are budding in my soul and I am breaking free of my cocoon. 

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