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Medicinal Mushrooms

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Disclaimer: As a marketer, my content contains affiliate links for products I enjoy using in my daily routine. If you are interested in the product I mention (make a purchase), using the links assures that I will have some extra pocket money. 

I wanted to share a short update of one of my endeavors.

When I graduated college in December, I was overwhelmed with what the next would be. I spent several months job searching as I contemplated what I wanted to do at this stage in my life. I am passionate about helping others improve their well-being and received my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. I’ve always been dedicated, creative, and passionate about holistic healing, but I struggled to determine how I wanted to share that with others. I initially had plans to pursue my Master’s in Psychology but things went very differently for me than expected.

Soo…I became an ambassador with Live Ultimate.

This business aligns with those who value transparency, holistic wellness and have a strong desire to raise the collective consciousness with natural remedies by helping others. ☺️

I wanted to share some of the reasons I ended up switching to mushrooms. I’ve always loved coffee but, due to health issues, I had to switch earlier this year. I was super grateful when I found an alternative that provides sustainable energy. Eight quality mushrooms in one scoop to keep me going throughout the day with so many benefits🌱

Difference between mushrooms and coffee

Here is some of benefits of lions mane:
just one of the eight mushrooms in the Ultimate Shrooms💥

⭐️ helps relieve mild symptoms of depression and anxiety
⭐️may help digestive health due it’s anti inflammatory properties
⭐️reduces risk of heart disease
⭐️helps manage diabetes symptoms
⭐️ reduces oxidative stress
⭐️ boosts the immune system

We are now offering an amazing holiday discount. I also take an immune support Elixir from this company everyday. What better way to show someone you love them? Give your loved ones the gift of health. Drop your email if you take mushrooms or are you interested in learning more ⬇️

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