Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide

For those of you still Christmas shopping, it is a great time to support businesses that optimize sustainability. A goal I am setting this year is to shop small, shop sustainably, and give the gift of health. I have created a list of some of my favorite places that are on my radar with some discount codes.

Coconut Bowls

  1. Coconut Bowls are eco-friendly because: 
    1. saves a shell from the landfill 
    2. supports rural artisans 
    3. is 100% carbon neutral 
    4. delivered plastic free 
    5. gives back to our reforestation and ocean conservation partners 

I love my coconut bowl. It is such a cute way to add some aesthetic to your everyday meal creations. Smoothies are yummy but even yummier in a cute sustainable bowl. Use code KEEKS10 here at checkout for 10% off. Now is the best time to buy with the best sale of the season.

Smoothie Bowl with Sustainable Coconut Bowl

Origine naturals 

I love adding some healthy spices to my meals to add some flavor! Use code soulkiki15 for 15% any order from. This company is extra special because of it’s focus on sustainability and its transparency on it’s website. They support the planet by implementing regenerative agriculture and syntropic farming while creating small farmer networks to help educate them on regenerative agriculture, mixed cropping, agroforestry, and integrated pest management

origine naturals sustainable guidelines

Live Ultimate

  1. Ultimate Shrooms: This product is amazing with eight healing mushrooms in one scoop. This includes but is not limited to: 
    1. Cordyceps which helps with oxygenating blood, mental health, such as anxiety, and olympic athletes use it for increased performance. 
    2. Lion’s mane which helps relieve mild symptoms of depression and anxiety, may help digestive health due its anti inflammatory properties and boosts the immune system
Ultimate Shrooms
  1. Ultimate Elixir: This elixir nourishes, alkalizes, and detoxifies the body with 2 25 superfoods; ingredients such as wheat grass, moringa, spirulina help aid the body in its healing process.  
    1. Wheatgrass: prevents disease and reduces oxidative stress, providing Vitamins A, C, E, magnesium, and calcium. 
    2. Spirulina: powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties while helping with endurance and muscle strength.  
    3. Moringa: rich in iron, B6, and magnesium with anti-inflammatory properties

Ultimate Elixir
  1. Vitamin C: immune support
    1. This product is high quality and provides a great amount of immune boosting Vitamin C.

If you want to give the gift of health this holiday season and support me, use the following link:

UNLITTER marketplace: 

#UNLITTER is an environmental and self-awareness movement, a non-profit organization, and a company that guides businesses and events towards operating more sustainably. They created a marketplace that includes self-care, home and pet, and lifestyle products that align with the following standards (as cited on the website).

  1. Zero waste or exceptionally responsible with waste
  2. Avoids single-use materials and emphasizes recycling in supply chains
  3. Empowers people and communities
  4. Relies on non-toxic ingredients
  5. Treats workers ethically
  6. Transparent in company operations
#UNLITTER sustainable organization

Thrift Books

Book production and recycling can create a negative impact on the environment but I love the feeling of a book. I am super grateful for thrift books for providing an opportunity to continue having books in print form without the guilt. According to, the paper recycling process entails energy from fossil fuel sources and chemicals such as bleach and solvent to break the paper down while paper manufacturing is number three on the list of largest use of fossil fuels worldwide.

Sustainable Book Website

Depop  or Poshmark

Instead of buying fast fashion which entails the emission of greenhouse gases, look at websites such as Poshmark or Depop that sell used/like new clothes. It’s a great way to find good deals and support people. I attached my link here which has a few items that are new with tags.

What gifts are you looking at this year? My goal is to the gift of health while remaining conscious of how my purchases impact the world!


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    When you look more into what we buy it’s clear that we can make a difference. It’s not easy but it’s so worth it.

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