23 Reflection

Twenty-three was an overwhelming year with many lessons, healing, trials and tribulations, and memories I will cherish forever. From beach days to back roads, I paved my path as I navigated many changes. 

“Without lows, there can be no highs. Without sadness, there can be no happiness, Without darkness, no light. However, in knowing these contrasts exist, you can choose where you spend most of your time.” – John Whiteman

From chasing after new endeavors to finding peace in moments of stillness, I express gratitude as I say hello to 24. 

Some highlights from 23 included: 

  • Becoming involved in direct sales helped me develop strength, courage, and a deeper understanding of myself ultimately realizing what I desire in a career.
  • I actively connected with people on social media, which allowed me to form life-changing connections with others.
  • I had a greater understanding of how my passions aligned with my purpose, and I have been able to experience different potential paths to gain clarity for my future endeavors.
  • I had a therapist that encouraged a deeper trust in my intuition and connection to my higher self.
  • I am gaining the ability to acknowledge and fully appreciate the coexistence of positive and negative experiences.

As I progress throughout this next year, I have chosen ONE primary word to come back to during uncertainty. I want to be INTENTIONAL. As I continue to navigate many changes, I want to align with each task by prioritizing what is essential and placing my undivided focus on the present moment. 

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