Morning Routine

Why I Believe in a Simplified, Diverse Morning Routine

A morning routine provides consistency for our bodies and allows us to remain centered throughout the day. Our bodies’ needs are constantly changing. By focusing on three simple components of well-being (mind, body, and soul), one set themselves up for success. When we set the day up for success, we find greater ability to stay motivated when setting goals and can find calmness amid a storm. Grounding oneself creates a calm nervous system despite uncontrollable situations. When we feel relaxed, we can achieve more without being sidetracked.

Seasonal Morning Routine:

Along with Summer usually comes a sense of movement and a desire to achieve more. Therefore, I complete quick tasks that don’t require complete stillness but still allow me to remain centered. When Winter comes along, I incorporate more meditation.

Non-negotiables for a Optimal Morning Routine

Ensure that your basic needs are met by consuming water and making or having a meal ready. The rest can be easily interchangeable and the time spent can vary depending on your schedule. Focusing on gratitude sets the tone for a better attitude throughout the day. Above, I provided a layout to follow that allows for flexibility and embodies a holistic approach. Below, I included my current routine. I always drink my elixir and wake up around the same time everyday. My one consistent habit is drinking my elixir to ensure that I fuel my body with nutrients. I switch my routine depending on my life circumstances. I use the resources provided at the bottom of the page. Furthermore, I added some reflection questions to help you become clear on your routine.

list of ideas for nourishment
example, showing my morning routine and how long it takes me to complete it.

Reflection Questions:

  1. Do you have a morning routine?
  2. If so, what does your morning routine look like?
  3. What changes, if any, could you make in your morning routine to optimize your day?



Christian based: 

EFT tapping:




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  1. Nifty; just one thing to add at the moment. First thing to do when waking up each morning is get on knees and thank God for another day, and ask Him to guide you in serving His will. Amen.
    Every moment of our existence is a blessed miracle and giant opportunity to try making it to heaven!

      1. Thank you Love! Kiki it’s honestly refreshing and it’s a joy, to hear you say these things and be hanging in there like the good person and wise one too, that you are! Keep up the great work and it helps me for sure!
        God bless you and I’m very thankful to God and you too!

  2. Love your lists. What a great way to start each day.. I drink water first thing but it’s hot water. Take the dog for a long walk. Then exercise. Then yoga (same yoga instructor). Then it’s a green smoothie.

  3. Great way to start the day Kiki. I’ve been working on a morning routine. But I find that I have to adjust it from to day depending on my sleep and energy. It’s not always easy for me to listen to my body though. Working on it.

  4. Hi Kiki! I just returned to your very nice blog and was excited to see what I had forgotten, how you had this excellent posing on Routine; just what I mentioned in what I posted today that you really helped with your great comment! Again, I appreciate that and how you are so beautifully focused here in your expressions of faith!
    God bless you!
    Brother/friend in Christ Jesus,

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