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Easy Healthy Lunch Ideas Part Two


Easy Healthy Lunch Ideas: This week features the famous TikTok tortilla wrap trend 🙂

Back at it with another Foodie Friday, focusing specifically on easy healthy lunch ideas. Last week, I shared a Summer Salad. This famous tortilla wrap trend from last year that has stuck with me due to its versatility and quick preparation. This combination is one of my favorites if you are craving a more savory lunch. It is vegan friendly! You can add different food items to each section.

The first step: Make a Cut

Step Two: Add the topping listed below or add your own twist!

Step Three: Fold it (video below)

The Final Step: Place the tortilla on a pan and let it cook

Healthy Lunch Idea: She is the Moment

The deats: 

– Nature’s promise tortillas 🥯 

– Hummus 😋 

– Feta 🧀 (vegan feta is an option 😉) 

– Lettuce 🥬 

– Tomatoes 🍅

Up Close & Personal

What’s in my Lunch?

Keeping it colorful with some red tomatoes and leafy greens! Tomatoes contain the antioxidant lycopene which is beneficial for fighting free radicals and helps aid in skin protection. On the other hand, lettuce has Vitamin K for bone strength and may have anti-inflammatory properties. Lastly, chickpeas help control blood sugar and contain vitamin A, E and C. Talk about a healthy lunch idea, am I right?

What kind of easy healthy lunch ideas do you enjoy? Let me know in the comments!

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