Mindful Monday: Overcoming Fears Part Two

Happy MINDFUL MONDAY, focusing on how to overcome anxiety: part two.

Last week allowed you to pinpoint a fear that is prominent in your life. This week, these questions will help you determine how to handle the source of anxiety that is most prevalent for you at this moment.

These past narratives are typically present because our body was trying to soothe itself during an overwhelming experience. When one engages in self-soothing behavior, the body desires to create and find peace. While meditating, prayer and mindful movement are beneficial ways to optimize our well-being and create balance within ourselves, taking action is the next step that allows us to shift the narratives that keep us in a state of fear. Thus, we unlearn old habits and replace them with behavior that better suits our current selves. Within these shifts, one feels fear as they dive into the uncomfortable. This is often referred to as titrated exposure.

anxiety journal prompt
Mindful Monday Journal Prompt Question

By exposing ourselves to the things we are afraid of in a way that creates slight anxiety but doesn’t overwhelm the body, one can slowly reframe their perspective of the situation.

Anxiety: Titrated Exposure:

When focusing on our mental health, it is important to focus on our habits and express gratitude for how they helped us while working to shift habits that no longer serve us. However, shedding a part of ourselves that we have intertwined with our perception of self can be overwhelming. That is why titrated exposure is so important. Titrated exposure occurs when we expose ourselves to uncomfortable situations in a way that does not overwhelm our nervous system. When the situation becomes overwhelming, one is likely to dissociate or avoid the challenge altogether.


Being in a safe and supportive environment allows for optimal success. Writing about the situation can be a very therapeutic way to work through these anxieties. These prompts allow you to looking at your anxiety from a different lens. Seing how it would feel to be without this anxiety, allows your body to find comfort in an uncomfortable situation.

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  1. JR Avatar

    Very interesting, thank you

    1. growingthroughsomething Avatar

      You’re welcome!

  2. Becoming His Tapestry Avatar

    I keep prayer journals which definitely helps me to untangle my thoughts when they become jumbled

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