Mindful Monday Overcoming Fears Part Three

I hope you are having a #mindfulmonday as I continue to focus on overcoming fears. 🧠

The past two week‘s have focused on journal prompts on overcoming fears. First, you focus on pinpointing a fear that you are working on overcoming. Then you determine what changes can be implemented to help lessen this fear. As we determine these components of fear, you can then shift into showing up as that version of yourself. Preparing yourself by closely examining the previous prompts allows you to go at a pace that does not overwhelm you. Taking baby steps without doing something extreme allows you to slowly adjust into someone without this fear.

Fear can impact our mood by making us feel hopeless, isolated, and shameful. Showing up in new ways allows you to shift out of fear and become more confident. As you intentionally take action, you allow yourself to shift. As you experience the action, you allow yourself to become more comfortable in the situation. Avoiding the situation creates more anxiety and inhibits growth. Visualizing the benefits of your action directly correlates with action.

Step to Overcoming Fears: Visualization

Visualizing yourself to embody how you would feel without this fear motivates you to engage in behaviors that lead you to this version of yourself. Furthermore, it creates greater confidence when allowing you to become aware of when you start to feel overwhelmed in that situation. Placing your energy on the positive outcomes, allows you to reframe your thoughts while visualizing, you start to see these new characteristics emerge. This is embodiment.

An Example

An example of this would be social anxiety. Someone without this fear would be confident and comfortable around others. You may feel happier and more connected with others. You could show up as someone who embodies these traits by placing yourself around a small group of people or maybe just one person who you feel safe with, but still slightly anxious. Eventually the anxiety will fade and this this experience becomes a source of encouragement when you make decisions in the future.


  1. What characteristics would you embody as someone without this fear?
  2. How would your future self feel if you conquered this fear?
  3. How can you show up as your future self in this present moment?

Update: For part two and three of the overcoming fears series, click the links below:






5 responses to “Mindful Monday Overcoming Fears Part Three”

  1. JR Avatar

    Thanks a lot for this, without getting too specific this has helped me..:)

    1. growingthroughsomething Avatar

      I am so happy to hear that!

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  3. bereavedandbeingasingleparent Avatar

    This made me think so much. Too often I visualise in a negative way. Looking up is the way forward 🙏

    1. growingthroughsomething Avatar

      I am on this journey, as well! I hope you are doing well!

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