How to detox from social media: Journal Prompts

Happy Mindful Monday; this week’s journal prompts for mental health focus on how to detox from social media.

Even busy bees, stop and smell the flowers 🐝☯️🌼

Associating a goal with this desire for a digital detox allows you to begin taking small steps and adjusting the habits that are making it difficult to achieve this digital detox goal. You can learn more about goal setting here.

Journal Prompt Questions for Mental Health and the Impact of Social Media

  1. Do you feel the need to check your phone as soon as you wake up?
  2. Do you use social media to work or to procrastinate?
  3. Will limiting your time on social media increase or decrease your productivity? 
  4. Do you struggle between enjoying and documenting the moment?
  5. Do you get anxious when you post a photo? 
  6. Does the way you use media affect your mental health? 

If you answered yes to 3 or more of these questions, it may be time for a social media detox!

How to Detox from Social Media

  1. Set a goal
  2. Look at your screen time and determine which apps are consuming most of your time
  3. Create time limits on your phone. This can be a downtime away from your phone entirely or choosing to limit the time on specific apps.
    • You can learn how to do this here.
  4. Set reminders for certain app
  5. Delete certain apps that consume your time
  6. Once you begin to limit your time: pay attention to what triggers you to check your phone
  7. Make a list of other activities that you can engage in when you are pressured to check your phone

Let me know your thoughts!

I believe social media can be an amazing tool to connect with others and obtain knowledge. Spending time away from social media always helps clear my mind. I am grateful for human connection in person and through social media. However, I’ve been consciously setting boundaries on screen time to make sure I create a healthy balance between enjoying the presence of those around me and enjoying the connections I have made on social media. I’m always looking for balance and making adjustments to my daily habits to work towards optimal wellness. 

From how to digital detox to other everyday tips and trick for optimal mental health, follow me here.

6 thoughts on “How to detox from social media: Journal Prompts

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  1. Kiki… this is a very important matter to point out. I personally never joined Facebook for this simple truth of how addicting these social media venues can become; further being a drain and waste of one’s precious time. As I see it the majority of users on these platforms need a big Detox and some need much more serious help psychologically speaking. Thank you for the heads-up and concern! 😉 👍 🙏💗

      1. Glad to offer what I can to help. To be frank though a majority of people are convinced the digital arena is awesome; I do not think that at all. Contrary to that opinion I’ve observed and learned that this so called information highway has created a log jam or flood of extraneous data in people’s faces continually. Akin to what they used to say about television several decades ago calling it the “boob-tube,” which is exponential in this digital realm and it conditions, manipulates, distorts reality, mesmerizes and even confuses many or let’s say clutters minds with the unessential! As the old adage goes “too much of a good thing,” generally “isn’t good” as it ends up doing harm! And look around to see plainly it does apply here; which to me is like the double edged sword aspect of mankind’s technological advancements, and there is always a trade-off eventually, especially when we put away perhaps the “tried, tested and proven or established ways of many past generations of those often “solid traditional truths!” Only to replace them with something “totally different” perhaps even “radically” so, a new something that has many bells and whistles that tantalize or seduce, and like another old adage states how, “all that glitters is not gold,” so is fake! I think mankind has leaped into a more complicated “Pandora’s Box” leaving behind the “basic simplicity” of just “living and being a simple humble human being,” that “God intended,” and now has ventured into places better left alone! My point is things will only get worse as time marches on, but, there will be a real breaking point; that “straw that breaks the camel’s back,” and it won’t end pretty!

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