Monthly Goal Setting: Mindful Monday Journal Prompt

Happy October! 🍃🍁🍂 I love monthly goal setting because it helps me get clear on my goals helps me create a clear intentions on what I aspire to accomplish over the course of the month.

A new month symbolizes a fresh start and a chance to reflect on habits and daily rituals that I’ve implemented. Keeping what is best serving my body and adjusting what isn’t.

My Monthly Goal Setting Process

I chose to focus on overall behavioral adjustments that allow me to determine my needs. When I set overarching intentions I can focus habits that are most important.

A diagram for monthly goal setting that creates a visual representation of monthly goal setting (a to-do list that gets shorter as you gain clarity on your priorities)
How to Prioritize When Focusing on Monthly Goal Setting

The diagram above allowed me to visualize the concept of priorities.

I follow a simple process. I release, then I organize, and finally I prioritize. This step by step process for monthly goal setting allows for a clear vision to keep me on track. I reflect back on the list on a weekly/monthly basis. If you have the time, creating an aesthetic journal with your priorities can add for extra motivation and allow for some creative release!

First, I make a lost of all thing I want to achieve. Then I ask myself what things are most important and create an updated list. The final list only has the most important goals.I call this a “priority” list, which allows me to stay clear and focused without extra distraction or feeling of overwhelm.

Having a lot of goals and desires leaves me needing a strict schedule. This ensures that I don’t become overwhelmed or overworked. However, these intentions allow me to stay focused on my priorities.

Monthly Goal Setting Journal Prompt

Monthly Goal Setting Journal Prompt Questions
Monthly Goal Setting Journal Prompt Questions

Some of my intentions for this month include:

  • 🍁 Bake a new recipe
  • 🍁 Seek clarity when communicating
  • 🍁 Go to a pumpkin patch
  • 🍁 Limit screen time 
  • 🍁 Organize my fall clothes
  • 🍁 Start going through my photos from the year
  • 🍁 Set clear boundaries 
  • 🍁 Thrift clothes that no longer serve me 

What are your intentions for October? What are your thoughts on monthly goal setting?


8 responses to “Monthly Goal Setting: Mindful Monday Journal Prompt”

  1. bereavedandbeingasingleparent Avatar

    One intention (every month) is to read at least 3 pages from the bible each night, want to read the bible completely every year from now on. This month it’s to really look at my diet, move closer to one that suits my body. 🙏

  2. singlikewildflowers Avatar

    I like your idea of setting intention/s! Good way to not get overwhelmed.

    1. growingthroughsomething Avatar

      It definitely helps!

  3. JR Avatar

    Love this, thanks again..

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