Solitude: Mindful Monday Journal Prompts

Happy #MindfulMonday, focusing on solitude. Last week, I focused on tips to prioritize mental health. Many of these mental health tips involve solitude. It is during our alone time that we create the foundation for our wellness journey. Solitude is a form of rest.

Importance of Solitude

The concept of alone time is important because our relationship with others is a reflection of ourselves. By creating space for solitude, we allow ourselves to gain clarity on what we enjoy without being influenced by others. With the increasing impact of social media and online presence, we are constantly flooded with multiple opportunities. It is difficult to get in touch with what we want without outward influences.

I view solitude as an essential part of my healing journey. It helps me understand my relationship to the environment around me. In moments of solitude, I become aware of what I enjoy. This awareness impacts how I want to show up. I am navigating multiple changes and becoming aware of my intentions and priorities. I am surrendering to God’s timing AND taking action steps to help me achieve my goals.

"I genuinely want to be by myself" Solitude: Mindful Monday Journal Prompts with a solo flower

Healing Journey

I have had many instances where I was alone. I became very closed off because I did not relate to most of the people. As time progressed, a lot of overwhelming changes happened in my life that lead me to feel even more isolated. I now realize how much growth occurred during this time. The good news is people who are meant to be in your life will show up when they are supposed to.

Solitude Journal Prompts

  1. How does being alone make you feel?
  2. What activities do you enjoy?
  3. How can you find happiness in these activities during your alone time?


Connecting with others is just as important but I believe that alone time sets the foundation for who you want to surround yourself with. In your 20’s, it can be difficult to find people who are in the same area as you with the same priorities. When you become clear on your interests, goal, and desires, you find that solitude becomes more comfortable than being around people who have different priorities.

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