goal setting journal prompts

Goal Setting: Mindful Monday Journal Prompts

As the year comes to an end I am really focusing on working through a multitude of emotions that have surfaced as a result of multiple intense changes that occur throughout 2022. A big part of this has been aligning my goal setting techniques in a way that honors my well-being. When you have something to look forward to, it gives you hope for a brighter future. I set my goals by examining my intentions and creating affirmations that align with my overarching goals.

How to Achieve Goals

An intention carries the desire to take action on a specific goal. An affirmation is a statement that something is true. Utilizing intentions and affirmations allow us to get greater clarity on how to proceed in our daily habits. Once we clarify WHY we are doing something, we can begin looking at the HOW. During this stage, we become aware of blockages that may be impacting our ability to take actions. These blockages are commonly referred to as limiting beliefs. Comment below if you want to learn more about working through limiting beliefs.

The Importance of Goal Setting

Goal setting has been a major way for me to stay focused on positive progression while honoring my emotions. Goal setting allows you reflect on habits that either hinder or optimize my progress. In addition, goal setting allows you work through limiting beliefs and adjust accordingly. I provide overarching questions for setting goals monthl here. When I loose motivation, I follow these tips here.

Goal Setting Journal Prompts

goal setting journal prompts
goal setting journal prompts
  1. How do you feel about starting a new year?
  2. What is one word to describe your intentions for 2023?
  3. An affirmation for 2023


In conclusion, one of the ways we can care for mental health is through goal setting. Creating space for clarity is a game changer and allows us to understand what we truly desire. What goals are you setting for 2023? Feel free to share with me in in the comments below or message me on Instagram!


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