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  • 2018 thoughts

    2018 thoughts

    As 2018 comes to an end, I have been reflecting a lot more than usual. I can attribute this to the craziness of the year. I was overwhelmed much of the time whether it was due to sickness, loss, school, or just life circumstances. I let myself fall victim to a lot of unhealthy habits […]

  • July Blessings!

    July Blessings!

    It’s been a while since I’ve posted my blessings! I have been keeping up with them but I chose to never post them (whoops!). Now that things are going to be settling down in a few weeks; one class left for a short while, I am ready to begin again! July was interesting. A lot […]

  • Take Time to do What Makes Your Soul Happy

    Take Time to do What Makes Your Soul Happy

        © Today I woke up looking forward to being surrounded by yellow sunflowers and the golden light of a setting sun. I drove up to a field of sunflowers in the midst of country roads with a heart ready to receive the light and positivity with a welcome invite. There is one difference […]

  • February​ Blessings

    February​ Blessings

    Good news! February was much better to me than January was. While it was, primarily, school-based, I took the time to immerse myself in the little joys every day. Because January was so anxiety-provoking, I really needed time to regather and I think I did a good job of achieving the balance I needed in […]

  • Eight Lessons to Bring With Me Into TwentyEIGHTteen!

    Eight Lessons to Bring With Me Into TwentyEIGHTteen!

    ©  The last few days of December 2017 allowed me to immerse myself in a strange, but somehow delicate, balance as I accomplish mini goals that I have put off throughout the year. From the basis of organization, I have allowed myself to clear my surroundings of old patterns, to record my thoughts, and to […]

  • 🌻 Face the Sunshine 🌞

    🌻 Face the Sunshine 🌞

    / I just need some time in a beautiful place to clear my head /       © A quality day consisted of sunflowers, Ed Sheeran, country roads, ice cream, and green tea. I am so blessed to have a day that helped me see the beauty in life through such memorable occurrences. As […]